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High remarks for Kelley School graduate Todd Richter

November 18, 2022

Todd Richter
It’s one thing for an alumnus to earn success in his career. It’s another to receive praise and high regard from his mentors, colleagues and fellow alumni. Todd Richter has gained both since his 1981 graduation (with his MBA) from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

Known as one of Wall Street’s leading healthcare financial analysts and current Bank of America managing director for global healthcare investing, Richter has had a career that has grown immensely in responsibilities and success. But aside from the working environment, he’s also remained connected to and involved with his graduate alma mater, the Kelley School. For his unwavering support, both personal and financial, including a recent $5 million endowment fund, Richter has received high remarks from others with the university. Said the business school’s executive director of development, Rick Dupree, “Todd is one of the Kelley School’s most strategic and thoughtful donors. He knows the School inside out, having been an active recruiter of our talent and dedicated alumnus for many years.”

Dean Daniel C. Smith agrees, “Todd Richter, through his extraordinary generosity and passionate support, actively lives out all the values that the Kelley School holds dear.”